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How to proceed

How to proceed


Worried about how to start?
We will solve it one by one from the beginning.

WOR-PRO solves problems one by one from the beginning with a systematic and proactive work process. After analyzing the benchmarking site and confirming the menu structure, we request the necessary manuscripts from the customer. You don’t need to worry about getting started.


Worried because you only have bussiness plan?!
We will create a story for your website.

Even if you hand over a few pages of your business plan, we will plan the story of the website through preliminary research and learning.
We will do excellent copywriting to compose content that fits the direction of your business plan with our long-term experience and know-how in planning.

Project Schedule.

Worried about the development schedule being delayed?!
We will share the progress in real time on the web.

You can check the detailed schedule and progress of the project in real-time anytime, anywhere through the URL. Projects are carried out systematically to prevent any inconvenience caused by development delays. If delays are expected, detailed schedules will be discussed again.


Worried about communication problems?!
We communicate with real-time messenger.

We believe that communication is the most important part of the website development process. The understanding of the planner is important for smooth communication, but the communication method must also be quick and without any inconvenience.
WOR-PRO uses business messenger JANDI service to communicate in real time.

Responsive Testing.

Worried about responsiveness?!
We will take care of it meticulously including the text wrapping.

Developing with WordPress does not necessarily mean you can have a fully responsive website. We will use responsive coding that is optimized to match all details to allow high-quality responsiveness.
WOR-PRO ensures that text is line-breaking on mobile and also make sure it is responsive.

Choose Leading Systematic WOR-PRO right now!

Working with WOR-PRO

Leave the homepage to WOR-PRO, a meticulous planning specialist,
and focus only on your business.

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