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Development method

Development method

WOR-PRO uses Elementor and blank themes to create high-quality, customized homepages. Our development method is a method in which the layout, design, and development function can be tailored in detail to the desired direction. Also, if you create a WordPress website using a regular free or paid theme, a lot of unnecessary features will be included. This will make the website heavy and complicated. If you choose our development method, you can solve this problem and make your website run quickly. Most of the large corporations and IT companies choose this development method for their homepages.
WordPress website development is a specialized field that requires WordPress development skills, not IT development skills. To create a stable website, you need to understand the features of WordPress, themes, plugins, and incorporate them in developing the website.

The development method using Elementor allows us to develop a website without any restrictions to increase performance and scalability. This is only possible if you have the know-how and expertise in WordPress.

Made with Elementor for 100% customization.

Fully Responsive Coding

WordPress provides basic responsive functions, but responsive coding is applied separately in order to optimize detailed layouts, text enter values, and arrangement adjustments. We also make sure an optimized UI is provided for all devices.

Function optimization with Elementor

The commonly used commercial themes are heavy, and unnecessary plug-ins are installed together. In order to implement a feature-optimized website, we use Elementor and utilize Hello theme or other lightweight themes.

Implemented within WordPress functionality

WordPress has several themes and plugins with a variety of features. We try to utilize most of the functions within the CMS and minimize separate development customization. This way, we can develop the website in a way that is will not become a problem in case of future updates and renewals.

If you are developing with WordPress, you should do it properly. correctly. with us.

Working with WOR-PRO

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